2018-19 Aerial Photos--November

Aerial view of Pole at the beginning of summer
Something completely different, as it is a bit early in the season for the traditional mid/late summer Twin Otter aerial photo surveys. On 3 November, NASA's IceBridge project's first Antarctic DC-8 flight of the season ventured south from Ushuaia, and it flew over Pole at a very high altitude (I'm guessing above 40,000 feet). Here's what they saw. It's very early in the season, only a few Basler flights, so not that much has been dug out. North is roughly to the right, and the skiway can be seen running from the center to the left center of this photo. The Old Pole site is near the right edge of the photo to the right of the Dark Sector buildings, and the drifts above the DSL/SPT are either remnants from last season's work on the ARA project, or from snow dumped from digging out MAPO and the other Dark Sector buildings. The photo was taken by the downward-facing CAMBOT instrument (more info) by NASA's Brooke Medley. Here is more information about the IceBridge aircraft, instrumentation, and the related ICESat-2 mission. The original Facebook post is here.

The first LC-130 didn't arrive at Pole until 12 November. Two days later, a flight carrying DV's arrived. When it headed back to McMurdo, one of the departing winterover passengers was Robert Schwarz. The flight made some extensive photo passes over the station to show it to the DV's, and Robert had his camera out! Here are his photos, used by permission.

South Pole Station from the air
First, looking northeast across the station and out past ARO. The skiway is just to the right of the vehicle tracks. Obviously there has been a lot of vehicle activity since that NASA IceBridge flyover.
the dark sector
Another view looking northeast, this time at the Dark Sector buildings. Clockwise from right: MAPO with the SPUD/KECK telescope; the ICL; and DSL with the SPT.
South Pole Station from the air
Another view of the station looking northeast, this time from the west side of the skiway.
the backyard
The station backyard, with summer camp in the center and the cargo berms to the south of it. The edge of the taxiway is at left.
South Pole Station from the air
More of the berms. Looks like the east side has the stored IceCube drill camp modules and other buildings.
the backyard
One more look. The SuperDARN array and control module can be seen at right center.
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