2018-19 Photos--DSCS Development

One of the most obviously visible projects at Pole this season...satellite communications upgrades. In 2017-18 a module was erected next to the unused 9-meter GOES dish, with plans to fit it out so that the antenna can provide enhanced DSCS access. That work is ongoing, but additionally a new radome was erected next to the RF building to allow for accessing DSCS and Skynet at the same time.

new radome structure construction
In this view taken a few days before Christmas, the radome structure is being completed. The walkway on the hook is headed for the roof of the RF building where it can be seen on the next photos (MK).
the new radome next to the RF building
The new radome next to the RF building. This and the next 3 photos were taken on 7 January (RD).
new radome
A closer look at the new radome structure It will be accessed from the roof of RF, another platform section for that is on the snow in front of RF, and the stairway can be seen in the photo at right (RD).
comms radomes at Pole
Backing off a bit and looking northwest, the new radome and RF is at left, the radome housing the older 9-meter dish (currently unused) is at right. The DSCS equipment module installed last year is to the right of it (RD).
the backyar with tunnel escape raises
Something else going on, those ice tunnel escape raises. At left is the one constructed last year...to the right is the gantry where a similar one is being created (MK).

Photo credits: RD is IT guy Ryan Dyer; MK is Mark Kirkeby.

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