2017-18 Aerial Photos--January 2018

The station and the backyard, January 2018
A higher altitude view of the elevated station, showing the backyard and the skiway as well.

These photos were taken in early January by summer fleet ops worker Jeff Warneck. So far...on this page is just a sample...there should be more when he gets a chance to work out his photography website. He will be in McMurdo through April.

This year, the Twin Otter had special windows designed for taking photos.

looking southeast
Here's a different view looking more southeast...showing the summer camp and berms. This season, more of the summer camp Jamesways were converted into storage or workshops, and the major berm digout/cleanup effort continued.
another southeast view of the station
A higher altitude view, showing more of the snowy wasteland beyond the End of the World. Note the open steel frame structure visible in the upper left center--that is being used to create new ice tunnel escape raises as well as to allow removal of snow carved from the tunnel walls and roof. At left center you can see evidence of snow removal from above the buried arches, using the new snow blower and other equipment.
the station roof looking east
Looking east from the Destination Alpha end of the station At the upper right end of where snow has been removed from the LO arch...is the location of the new 2018 Pole marker--almost on top of the arch and close to the air vents on the upwind end. Also note...someone is on the roof of the B2 science lab.
the back side of the station looking upwind
Looking upwind at the back of the station and the backyard. In the far upper right is ARO, the NOAA building. And in the center...the snow hauler trailer is being loaded. Oh yeah, there's another Twin Otter on deck.
The Dark Sector Lab with the South Pole Telescope
Heading into the Dark Sector, here's DSL with the South Pole Telescope at right and the BICEP3 instrument at left on the roof of DSL. Oh...the structures "are" pretty much level, but the ramp does slope as the two structures have different foundations.
MAPO...with the SPUD instrument on the roof. Astronomer Robert Schwarz and machinist Steele Diggles will be hanging out here again this winter. To its left is the Building 61 substation and emergency generator structure.
the tourist camp
The tourist camp...operated by ALE (website). People who have paid in the upper figures ($) to fly here get to sleep in those tents; people who got here under their own power paid even more.
the Twin Otter photo mission from the roof of the station
Here's a view of the photo mission aircraft from the roof of the elevated station, with the Dark Sector in the background.
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