2017-18 Photos--The tunnel escape raise project continued...

looking into the tunnel from the new escape raise shaft

Looking from the bottom of the new shaft toward the water line in the main tunnel (SH).
the cut opening to the new shaft

Another view of the cut opening into the new escape raise shaft (SH).
ladder and platform supports
ladder and platform supports
Above, two views looking down at the ladder and platform supports (SH).
the permanent ladder

Almost finished...here is the bottom of the permanent ladder (CH).
looking down from the top
Looking down from the top (SH)...
looking down from near the top
...and from a bit further down (SH).
the completed exit hatch
The completed exit hatch riser and cover (SH).
looking down through the hatch
Looking down the hatch (SH).
looking up through the hatch
The view looking up through the hatch (SH).
end of season view from the surface
All done...3 more of these to do next summer (SH).

Photo credits for this page: Sayer Houseal (SH) and Chris Hawkins (CH).

Next...over in the dark sector, a major expansion of the ARA project was underway.

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