2016-17 Aerial Photos--December 2016

Station, summer camp, and berms

Front of the station, December 2016
Here's a good view of the front of the station as well as the Ceremonial Pole.

These photos were taken in December 2016 by Michael Lucibella...some of them were placed in the USAP photo library...others, outtakes perhaps, were left in a file on the common drive. They weren't all taken on the same day, as evidenced by the different shadows, snowdrift patterns, and vehicle locations. For the photos in the library including this one, I'll include the link to the original.

directly above the station
For comparison, here's a view almost directly above the station roof. This photo must have been taken earlier (?) as the snow patterns on the roof are different, the EFM and a fuel tank are behind the EPP, and there isn't any snow berm west of the gym.
the northwest corner of the station
Heading west, this view looks at the northwest corner of the station (link to USAP photo library original).
behind the station
From about the same angle...but from a higher altitude (and/or a wider lens) (link to USAP photo library original). There's a lot of activity back here...
closer look at summer camp, cryo, Polar Haven waste barn etc.
...so this view zooms in on the upper portion of the photo at right. From the front left moving diagonally back--the new cryo BIF and a fuel tank are behind the EPPBIF getting its finishing touches with the old BIF hidden behind it, the old rodwell building soon to get dug out and hauled off, the old Polar Haven/waste barn being dug out, and further back, an interesting drift scour around the newer rodwell building.
station main entrance
station main entrance
Above, two more close looks at the skiway/Destination Alpha side of the station.
back of the station and the flight line
Another look at the area behind the station, with the LC-130 flight line in the foreground (link to USAP photo library original).
berms and Jamesways
Some of the berms, with the SPTR-2 satellite terminal in the lower right and NOAA's ARO building in the upper right. Some of the construction shop Jamesways in the lower center are being demo'd.
Keep going, there are a few more yet.
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