2015 Winter Photos - the raised and unraised raises

The ice tunnels were designed with several "raises" eg vertical shafts to the surface...intended for emergency access and egress. I've been up and down a couple of them...most memorably during Hash House Harriers events. But since I was there they've drifted in/collapsed, or whatever. There was a proposed project a couple of years ago to have a drilling contractor rework them, but it doesn't look like that happened.

ice tunnel escape ladder
This is Raise 8, one of three on the main tunnel, this one is closest to the current rodwell 3, which is at the far southeastern end of the tunnels. I don't understand the numbering system, as there were only 4 raises constructed, and one of these was on the now-filled-in tunnel to the first rodwell site later used as the now-abandoned sewer bulb beneath the BIT and cryo (but that is another story).
blocked off ice tunnel escape ladder

The blocked-off access to raise 5, about halfway along the main tunnel..
looking up the raise 5 ladder

Looking up the raise 5 ladder.
the drilling room layout

Raise 2, looks like it was reworked more recently...
looking up the raise 2 ladder

...and is still usable.

All photos on this page are from the 2015 physician Steve Allerding (thanks!).

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