2013-14 Aerial Photos--January 2014

Station, summer camp, and berms

the station in late January 2014
We'll start here, looking at the station and everything behind it, and also the entire length of the skiway.

A few preliminary notes...first, I must credit and thank Ian Rees, one of the 2014 IceCube winterovers who took these photos--something that happens every year to document to NSF what the place looks like and how the snow drifting is affecting things. He sent these to me in January 2015 when he was back in the land of decent bandwidth...and it is my fault they didn't get posted before now. And I must add that I've shared less than half of the photos he sent me. Ian did say that things didn't work out too well, as there were several other people breathing in the aircraft and fogging up the windows. These were all taken on 24 January 2014 per the camera data. Although I've posted smaller sizes of the photos here, the originals were typically about 5500x3800 pixels in size, and 0.8-2mb in size. If there is interest in seeing/getting any of these full size, please let me know.

closer view of the station
A closer view of the station, with the Ceremonial Pole in the lower right, and the aircraft wing above it.
the elevated station

Moving further east, this photo reveals an interesting drift + landscaping formation between the beer can and the power plant arch...evidence that the snow is not getting any less deep.
the elevated station from the east
Above the heavy shop, looking at the east side of the station. Another view of that plowed snow berm.
behind the station
Swinging to the south, a good view of the back of the station, summer camp (including evidence of several demo'd Jamesways, and some of the waste berm.
back of the station
A closer look at the back side of the station. The trades shops, a remnant of the new station construction, are at bottom left...most of these would go away in 2016-17.
back side of the station
Moving east, this photo shows all of summer camp.
a view of the station and most of the berms
Moving further east, this view looks west and shows most of the berms (they were getting bigger...pending a massive cleanup project that would happen in ensuing years). In the background is the dark sector...the road heading off to the upper left leads to the ARA sites.
the cargo area
The north end of the berm area, at right is the lineup of cargo buildings. From the top down, the blue building with the parked tractors is the cargo office; east/down from it is the DNF Jamesway, the "booze barn" (also DNF), and the hazardous storage van.
Before we look closer at the berms, let's head north and look at some of the science on this side of the skiway:
ARO, the met tower, and the front of the elevated station
ARO, the NOAA building (with not much of its foundation visible). To its right, the 30m met tower; to its left, the cosray detector platform as well as the fuel arch emergency exit and vents from the LO arch, the heavy shop arch, and the power plant.
ARO, the NOAA building
A closer look at ARO.
the SUPERDARN array
Moving south, here's the SUPERDARN antenna array, which is ESE of the elevated station. The project was installed in 2012-13.
the SUPERDARN array
Zooming in on the array. The project consortium is led by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, other institutions include Virginia Tech. Here's the project website.
Let's head back south for a look at the berms.
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