2013-14 Photos - Summer camp downsizing

As the station population during the summer has shrunk to a size small enough to house in the elevated station, use of the summer camp has not been required. So...several of the old Jamesways were removed.
dismantling Jamesways
A crew dismantles one of the old Jamesways (PR).
Jamesway floor boxes
These stacked boxes are the floor sections; they also serve as packing containers for the rest of the structures (PR).

These old Jamesways have quite a history, and some of them have a lot of miles on them as evidenced by the label "Ellsworth" on the side of one (as well as the graffiti ...it may have been used at Ellsworth Station in the 1950's, or perhaps at a later field camp. Their use has declined (and more recently discontinued) in part because they were getting old and parts were unavailable, other structures were lighter and more efficient, and (as some of us have seen) they are not fire resistant. The second part of this July 2014 Antarctic Sun article 'Tunnel Vision' details the history of summer camp and Jamesways.

Astute viewers of that photo of stacked boxes will also see a wind turbine in the background.

dismantling part of summer camp

Above, more documentation, cropped from one of the 2013-14 summer aerial photos (IR). Looks like those Jamesway packing boxes have already been hauled off, so I have no idea where that wind turbine is. Here is a larger version of this photo (367k).

Interestingly, two days after I posted these photos, I learned (1) that overflow folks were still being housed here at times, in the solar-equipped Hypertats...and (2) that the construction shop Jamesways would be removed in the next year or so to reduce drifting, and their functions moved here.

Photo credits: Peter Rejcek (PR) and Ian Rees. That photo of stacked boxes can be found in the Antarctic Photo Library.

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