2012-13 Aerial Photos--January/February 2013

the station at the end of the 2012-13 summer
Here's a look at the main station area including most everything on the east side of the skiway.
view of the berms and summer camp
A closer look at the berms and summer camp from above the skiway. The new ARA antenna array is visible in the upper left.
closeup view of the roof
A closeup of the station roof. Lots of instruments on the roof of the science lab now...as well as a Polie.
station aerial view from the south
Here's another view from way south of the End of the World, showing most all of the station facilities.
the station from behind ICL
And this view looks the other way from beyond the northwest side of some of the IceCube area.
communications radomes and RF building
A closer look at the radomes and the RF building, with the skiway in the background.
closer view above the comms area
And here were are directly above them.
MAPO, DSL with the SPT, and the remains of the 2013 Old Pole remediation in the background
And here are MAPO in the foreground and DSL to the left, with their telescopes, some active and some not. The disturbed area in the background is the remains of the 2012-13 excavation to (hopefully) finish remediating Old Pole. And if you look closely at MAPO you'll notice that the "bowling alley" walkway to the VIPER control room was removed a couple of years ago in an effort to reduce drifting

These photos were taken by various Polies as part of the annual NSF drifting documentation; thanks to Mike Rice for sharing.

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