2012-13 Photos - Power Plant Duct Extension

upwind air intake in November 2004
So what we are talking about here is the air intake duct on the upwind end of the power plant arch. Interestingly, this was not completed until the 2003-04 season (although some work had been done on its foundation in 2002-03), perhaps because earlier plans included a future sewage plant for this area. Anyway, the photo at left shows the air intake before the arch became buried. Also note that one of the panels was left open...this was later closed off with plywood. This photo was cropped from a November 2004 aerial photo, here's the full photo (small) and (large) (SA).
almost-buried air intake
After the dome was removed, the drifting and snow removal patterns changed, and the air intake started getting buried (JC).
inside the intake plenum
The top section of the intake was removed...(JC)
reinstalling the top section
...and new sections were added. Fortunately the shop drawings were available so matching panel sections could be procured (JC).
completed plenum

Here is the completed view at the end of the summer (TE).

Credits and thanks...(SA) Steve Alexander (from the USAP Photo Library), (JC) Joe Crane, and (TE) Terry Eddington.

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