2007-08 Photos - Down with the Dome Entrance Sign

Well, once upon a time in the era of the domed station there evolved a cargo arch back when folks figured out that the helium didn't fill up the entire helium arch. But in the plans for the elevated station, the penultimate project is to turn the old biomed, power plant and garage arches into a new "logistics facility" with a building at the garage end and pallet storage in the rest of it. The efforts this summer involve demoing the old dome entrance, raising the power plant arch, and connecting all of the arches together into one structure...using pieces of the old arch to do so. We'll start with this time lapse series of photos of the removal of the grammatically correct sign over the Dome entrance:
Unhook it (ED).
rig up
Get ready (ED).
get ready
More unfastening (ED).
Lower away (ED).
here goes
A bit more...(ED).
...and a bit more...(ED).
down easy
Here goes (ED).
Halfway (ED).
Almost down...(ED).
an unsigned photo :)
And here it is on the ground (I).
Dick Wolak at the station entrance
For reference, here's a 1975 photo of the original grammatically incorrect sign that I saw during my times at Pole in the 70's and 80's. The photo depicts (and is from) friend 1975 station manager Dick Wolak. For a time I was wondering if this sign might have been under the replacement...but no.

Next, time to deal with the demolition of the arch itself.

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