2005-06 Aerial Photos--October

These photos were taken on 26 and 27 October by Scot Jackson...it is fun to compare these ungroomed drifty views with the January photos of the same area...enjoy! Many of these photos will soon be found in the USAP photo library.
the front 40
Let's start above the south end of the skiway looking at the station.
don't jump
A bit further up the skiway.
East of the skiway, looking north over the golf ball.
the fuel pits
The elevated station, dome and flight line from 1000 feet.
ramping up
A bit closer...the structure between wings B1 and B4 is one section of the new cryo barn, parked here temporarily. When this photo was taken it was being used as a temporary post office for winterovers' parcels.
digging Pole
Directly west of the station--the windowed room on the end is the new SOC (comms). What is the trench? Access for putting the exterior siding on!
siding inspection
This view will change very soon as the exterior skin gets installed!
dome down
Looking east over the dome. The snow piles behind the station are the beginning of the summer landscaping effort.
here comes the sun
Skylab...scheduled to go cold in December after the science projects are moved elsewhere.
dome slug
A closer look at the dome entrance.
cheese it
From over the skiway, from left to right, the cheese palace, construction Jamesways, and the north end of the berm.
Jake was here
The south end of the berms. The stored IceCube drill camp modules are in the background.
very boring
Zooming in on the IceCube modules...
Killer Miller was here
Looking from the other direction, here's our accumulated winter trash, waiting for that trip back to Port Hueneme.
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