2005 Winter Photos - Dome Galley Demo concluded

break out the walls
The east wall of the galley is stripped. The blue squares are where our original yellow stained glass "English Pub decor" windows used to be.
no leftovers
Empty. The way this was done...everything possible was completed before the heat was turned off.
no more bread
It's cold...and the bakery walls are gone.
open galley
Here goes the ceiling. It seems that the newer additions were removed first, leaving the original 1975 structure for last. That's the darker plywood.
lets get done
The stairway is gone.
More of the ceiling has disappeared.
Not much left...
no floor
Dealing with those van floor panels.
deck sliding
Moving the panels out!
truss me
Where did these foundation trusses come from in 1973??
base of the galley
Last step--digging up the foundation timbers.
all gone
And there is nothing left...time to bring in the shelves from the roof of biomed!
team demo
Okay, here's the demo team!
George's folks
And another one after everything is gone..
Next, biomed, but you knew that!

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