Lift out the weight room!

The first half of this structure, the part closer to skylab, was put up in the 1976-77 summer from a modular metal building that had been sitting in storage for awhile, originally as a shelter for a hydrogen generator (remember, the IGY station did not use helium). The front wood portion was a w/o project in 1981. Anyway, as part of the demo schedule it was time for it to go. This all happened starting about 6 January 2004.

open door policy
Half removed, this view from the substation near the dome entrance, with the obligatory dryer exhaust from the UB laundry.
marathon site
Looking back the other way, the wall panels of the older metal structure have been disassembled.
cold sweat
Here's an inside view looking towards the door.
airing it out
Another view of the back room wall, with more dryer vent exhaust...
all gone
All is gone, as we look towards the back of science. In the 70's this area housed the UCLA gravity hut.
gone gone
This view looks the other way towards the substation next to the dome entrance. Under the substation is the 100m borehole done by Bob Rutford and John Rand in 1974-75..

These photos are all from Scott Smith.