2003-04 Construction Photos--B3

...starting early in the season. This pod is the comms and admin area...
(...what are we looking at and where? Here is the latest schedule map.)
raise the flag
On 6 December 2003, here is one of the structural insulated wall panels on the east end of B3 going up. These consist of 10" of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between OSB (oriented strand board).
heavy insulation
A few minutes later, sliding the panel into place.
Meanwhile, Tom Pi (left) and Adam Rein are seen here installing bracing between the second floor trusses on the front of B3.
truss me
Here's another view of Tom and Adam.
raise the flag
A few days later, here goes the last member of B3 steel.
filling in
A view of the front side of B3 on 12 December.
Next, the second floor exterior wall panels on the west side.
And that side is done...15 December
A couple weeks later, here's another flag on the last roof beam....
face the wind
The front of the station, structurally complete and
waiting for the "pretty stuff" (the blue facade).

(Photos #1-#4 by Kris Kuenning (NSF), from the USAP photo library; #5, #9, and #11 from Jerry Marty; #6 and #7 from the common drive; and #8 from Glen Kinoshita.)

Next, a look inside B3, and outside at the cargo operations...

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