2002-03 Photos

after sundown

An excellent view of both the dome and the elevated station, from the ARO webcam, a few days after sunset (3/25/03).

Photos from Jerry Marty unless indicated otherwise:
strong foundations
The columns and grade beams for pod B1...as far as was planned for this season. B1 now houses the "emergency camp" ie power plant, emergency galley etc., and summer berthing.
standing room
Here's what the new dining area looked like in midsummer (more info and credit).
table for 58
Six weeks later, here it is, ready for expected use the first week in February. But that was before the fire panel acted up, so occupancy was delayed for a month.
where's the beef?
A closer look at the serving line.
upper berthing?
One of the pod A1 berthing hallways.
new digs
W/O Chris Martin inspects his new room at the end of summer (more info and credit).
who's my roommate?
A view of fellow AST/RO w/o Karina Leppik's room as she moved in on 4 March.
tommy toilet lives here
One of the new bathrooms...large, well ventilated, and not coed.
highway one?
The main second floor hallway outside the galley, looking toward the beer can. The door at left in front of the stairwell leads to the pantry and scullery areas.
stairway to...
Here's a view looking the other way at the new stairwell.
lg rm bed w/dm vu
A view out one of the end windows in the galley.
give me a lift
Back outside, here are several views of steel erection on B3.
a hold up
One of the main support trusses is set in place...
steely dan
...followed by the main framing truss for the first floor of B3.
from the back
A view from the back side of the new station.
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